Kitchen Design Features

We can do alot more than just replace your door and drawer fronts....

About half the units in this kitchen were retained from the original kitchen (updated with new door and drawer fronts). We added or modified the rest:

  • The worktops either side of the hob are cut back to 400mm deep (instead of the standard 600mm depth). The idea was to make a much more attractive design, rather than just a straight run of units which can look very boring in a galley kitchen.
  • The glass (dresser type) doors either side of the hob are 300mm wide. These were specially made for us - you will find that normally these doors are only supplied in 500mm widths by kitchen retailers.
  • The 3 drawer base unit on the right isn't what it seems. The top is actually a drawer, then the 2 drawer fronts below are actually joined together to form a door, which is hinged to open into a cupboard.
  • Note the 2 open units in the middle of the wall units. We can custom make these to any size.

The opposite side of the kitchen:

  • The worktop this side is actually deeper than the standard 600mm depth - we've used a 645mm deep worktop (they're generally used as breakfast bars). The reason is with a 600mm worktop, both the washing machine and dishwasher would have stuck out proud. In case you're wondering, we pulled all the base units 40mm away from the wall (with the exception of the small unit on the left), otherwise there would have been an unusually large overhang on the worktop.
  • The wall unit is totally custom made - it was designed to incorporate a microwave. We can often incorporate shelves or housings for microwaves into wall units - useful in small kitchens because microwaves take up alot of worktop space.

Frame your fridge

Free standing fridges and fridge freezers can often look odd, standing isolated on their own. The kitchen will look alot better if they are 'framed' ie they have either tower units or panels either side, with a bridging unit over the top.
It gives the look of an integrated fridge, but without the expense.

framed fridge

   Tall Wall Units

Standard wall units are 720mm high.
We can replace these with 900mm high
 units for extra storage space

doors on alcove  Doors on an Alcove

 We can put doors on alcoves, airing cupboards
 etc, to match the doors on the  rest of the units

lowered worktopDifferent height units
Kitchen units are constructed in standard widths and heights, but they can be modified. In this example, some base units have been cut down and the worktop lowered. It creates an interesting effect, breaking up what may be a long run of worktop.
It can also have practical uses, for example if you want to put units below a low window.


This wallcupboard would look odd just on it's own - it ties it into the the design simply by adding the shelves.
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